7 Reasons Why Yacht Crew Find It Hard To Land Their First Job..
Written by Lord Luke Hammond Oct. 25th 2021
When Allison Morrow from CNN Business claims Jeff Bezos’ new Super Yacht requires its own Yacht, it’s hard to not get excited about getting into Yachting. Just think of the imagination and creativity to make something like this possible.

So, as much as Owners of Yachts are pushing boundaries in Yacht Creation, social media is fueling the fire and the allure that draws so many people to this new luxury world of travel,... but this time as Crew.

After nearly two decades of living this very illusive lifestyle, I can tell you that everything you are reading online does not set you up for success when it comes to getting your first job on a Yacht. But,... here are 7 reasons why people find it so hard to find their first job on a Yacht.

1. They know nothing about yachting or boating. Think this one out for a few moments, People actually come to the yachting industry without even knowing the basics of what the industry is about. They don’t know any maritime terminology even worst off, some can’t even swim? (scary when you think this is a job that is on the water).

2. They don’t know what they want. Why would someone hire you for a role, if you don’t know what it is you want to do? Take some time to study all the roles on a Yacht, then set your sights on just one and go for it!

3. Job Description: Once you know the job you are going to do, find out what that job entails,... and with everything online these days, you won’t have any issue here. Captains are looking for people with experience, but even if you don’t have any, you are at least showing that you are doing your due diligence.

4. Attitude: When you live, work, eat and sleep with your crew 24/7, a good outlook/ attitude is essential. We are looking for people that are going to compliment the crew, not tear it apart. Just take one moment and we all know a toxic person at a previous or even current job, but the best part is on land they go home at the end of the day. Imagine waking up to that face every morning? Don’t be that person.

5. A pre required course certificate doesn’t entitle you to a Job. The schools job is to get you qualified for the role you are going to undertake. It is YOUR job to convince the Yacht to Hire YOU!. Too many people think, I have my STCW, ENG1, and every other course known to man and think they are now entitled to a job,.... Ummmm, no. You paid for the pre requisite, now you need to stand out from the crowd.

6. Presentation: Too many times I see CV’s/Resumes hit my email inbox with a subject heading. Deckhand Job or Chef Job. With the email reading: Please find my cv/resume attached, please contact me for further information. 
 (insert a picture of me mind blown)..... 
Now would you hire this person if you had over 60 people to choose from. Of course not,... so every email that goes out is your chance to shine. Impress them!

7. Being away from Home! Now this affects EVERYONE, from the Captain to the most junior roles. Being away from home for the first time sucks but is exciting at the same time. You need to be aware that just because You want something, doesn’t mean it's going to happen. You will miss holidays, birthdays, christmas, new years and all sorts of other cool stuff, but what you miss out on, you make up with new experiences. Just remember Yachting doesn’t have to be for ever, but if you are going to show up, give it 110% and leave knowing you did your best and had an amazing time at the same time.

Blue Skies!!!

Lord Luke

Lord Luke Hammond

Lord Luke Hammond helps people get started and grow successful Yachting Experiences. He is an expert at helping people break into Yachting as a Career and making things like Yacht Ownership super simple to understand.
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